Solutions for SMEs and Corporates

Wandsoft is the holding company for the Bizoneo, Wandsoft ERP and Touriserve range of solutons. Our solutions aim at easing the way organisations work by being a trusted and reliable software solution thriving to put data protection at the forefront of customers' expectations.

We offer over 60 fully integrated modules focused around 3 key business functions: Compliance, Customer Relationship and Human Resources that can be used from a web browser or a mobile phone.

You too can save precious time with our solutions...

Whether you're a Start-Up or an Established Business, a Small or Medium Company, Professional Association, NGO, Charity, Sole Trader etc. we can help you ease the way you do business while making sure your business complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect in 2018.

We offer a comprehensive and easy to use Management Information System, to help your organisation focus on adding value, provided by today's innovation - rather than the technology behind it. With our solutions, you use IT to its full potential and your business is more efficient.


EU data protection & privacy
ISO 27001, 27701, NIST, PCI DSS
South Africa data protection & privacy
Jamaica, Barbados, Caiman Islands, Trinidad & Tobago data protection & privacy
Customer Relationship
Billing & Accounting
Human Resources
Talent acquisition
Talent management
Day to day