About Us


We started operating in 2001 as a supplier of Business Management and Collaboration Solutions with a mission: "ease the life of our clients while protecting their data". Our team is based in Dublin (Ireland) with dedicated servers located in ISO 27001 accredited data-centres in Ireland. We also have have an office in Grenoble (France).

As a supplier of Business Management Solutions, we understand how important your data is and how vital it is to ensure your customers feel secure when providing you with personal and sensitive data. As such we have always strived to provide the most protected solutions possible. Our motto is if you can't protect it, don't process it.

We believe that there can be independent, reliable, transparent and trustworthy EU based software solution providers not relying on GAFAM infrastructures. This also means that when you choose to work with us, your organisation can reduce many issues related to third country data transfer.

We offer over 60 fully integrated modules focused around 3 key business functions: ComplianceCustomer Relationship and Human Resources that can be used from a web browser or a mobile phone.


Wandsoft is based in Dublin (Ireland) with dedicated servers located in ISO 27001 accredited data-centres in Ireland.

Our clients are mainly located in the European Union, but we also operate outside the EU (United Kingdom, South Africa, Caribbean Islands etc).

Brief timeline


  • Wandsoft was incorporated in Dublin - Ireland


  • the "Collaboration/CRM" platform was developed and we onboarded clients of various sizes

In 2017

  • we launched Bizoneo aimed at supporting data controllers and data-processors in their ability to comply with the data protection requirements introduced with the General Data Protection Regulation and other data protection laws. The idea behind the name Bizoneo came with improved data protection law: data protection should come first (GDPR Art 25). To a majority companies since 2016-2018 and the arrival of the GDPR, this was a new (neo) way to do business (biz).

In 2019:

  • we extended our product range with the re-engineering of our collaboration modules
  • we launched Bizoneo in France

In 2020

  • we launched Bizoneo for POPIA (South Africa)
  • we launched Bizoneo for UK GDPR

In 2021

  • we launched Bizoneo Professional Services following an increased demand to assist clients and channel partners

In 2022

  • we launched Bizoneo for EU Institutions (Regulation 2018/1725) on Data Protection Day (28 January)
  • we launched Bizoneo Essentials for POPIA on Data Privacy Day (28 January)
  • we launched Bizoneo ISMS & PIMS (29 July)
  • we launched Bizoneo Membership & Community Management (14 November)

In 2023

  • Release XV of the Bizoneo - Wandsoft platform available to clients on 28th Janaury

We love innovating and we have many new features that are released on a regular basis.

Our talented development team is based at Wandsoft - Bizoneo HQ in Dublin and we do not outsource development.

We offer a range of implementation options to suit most organisations. Our solutions are available:

  • on a rental SaaS model (Software as a Service)
  • installed on premises
  • installed on private clouds
  • installed in hybrid environments (SaaS + on-premises).

We don't talk much about our clients as we respect the non-disclosure agreements we have signed with them. We work with a mix of small to medium companies (20-300 staff), but we also have some larger corporations (4,000+ staff) enjoying the rich and easy to use functionality offered by our solutions.