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Wandsoft makes it easier to run a website: maintain content, optimise it for search engines, capture contact requests and measure its return on investment. In addition, your website will save you time when you integrate further functionality from our 40+ apps such as CRM, Accounts, e-Commerce, Membership etc.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

Edit from the back office to change the live website in real time so that everything is the up-to-date.

Data Integration

Data Integration

Collect information from your website so that it will automatically be stored in your back office to reduce workload.

analysis and reporting


We can add internal business key indicators to Google Analytics to report and analyse conversion. 

Client Opportunities

Client Opportunities

Gather the information from online forms or events shown on the website. Follow up with prospects in an effort to convert them.

Public and Members Site

Public and Members' Site

Have two separate sites with different content and offerings. Provide different experiences for regular users and your subscribers.



Wandsoft can solve more issues as it can be extended with over 40 integrated apps such as Timesheet Management, Invoicing, Book-keeping, e-Commerce, Membership, HR.

Benefits For You

Measure return on investment

With our dashboard and the management reports available, you can measure in real time  the number of visitors, sales or members, on a daily or monthly basis.

Embedding multi-media

Easily embed YouTube videos or audio files. Audio streaming and audio file download (podcast). PDF and Office documents can also be embedded from any device.

User-friendly editor

With any device you have the ability to format text, image transfer, copy and paste from Word, search and replace. Formatting can be restricted (useful to deal with accessibility). HTML editing is also available to advanced users.

Benefits For Your Customers

Up-to-date information

Our CMS (Content Management System) is designed for real-time web page updates.

Response time

People are more engaged when response to their actions is immediate. We ensure that web pages load fast and the CMS can resize images that might slow your page down.

Search engine friendly

Your website will be found through any search engine. You can easily review keyword density and edit keywords from our control panel. You can also choose friendly URLs that will help the search engine indexing process. Built-in tools will show you the most popular pages, lead creation etc.