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Solution for Tour Guides Associations

When tourists visit a different city or country, they often hire tour guides to visit the best and most interesting attractions. Wandsoft help tour guide associations with a platform designed to increase tour requests for their members.

Online Booking

Online Bookings

Tours can be booked and paid for by customers on the website. The information will be integrated with your back office.


Online Directory

Show profile images, skills, and qualifications of tour guides on the websites.


Focused Marketing Efforts

Tag your contacts, personalise your message, optimise your resources, time and effort and go the extra mile. All parties involved will benefit from it.


Admin tasks

Manage membership renewals, export data to print badges, issue invoices, handle sponsorship fee etc. Then follow-up payments, bank reconciliation, keep track of purchases and expenses from a central location.

Members' Area

Members' Area

Tour guides can securely log-in, update their own contact details and change their skills shown on the public site, upload their website profile photos. 

ongoing professional training

Ongoing Professional Training

Organise lectures, training days and day tours during off seasons to keep enhance the knowledge of your guides.

Benefits For You

Ease the admin process

Give the volunteer committee all the tools that ease their life to run the association more easily.

Equal chance for guides

Guides can appear at random on guide directory


All history related to each guide helps solving member requests.


Benefits For Your Members

Detailed information of guides

Tour guides will be equally promoted as soon as they market themselves using pictures, experience, and languages spoken.

Mobile friendly

Our solutions are fast and mobile friendly, a key element in the tourism trade industry.

Ease of request handling

Tour guides can be easiy requested and the workflow handled in a professional and logical manner.

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