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Simplify the way you run your SME

Whether you're a Start-Up or an Established Business, a Small or Medium Company, NGO, Charity, Sole Trader etc. we can help you ease the way you do business!

Wandsoft is a simple Management Information System, to help your organisation focus on adding value, provided by today's innovation - rather than the technology behind it. With Wandsoft, you use IT to its full potential and your business is more efficient.

Over 50 problem solving solutions including:


Centralise, store, share and retrieve information on your leads, customers or members.
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Maintain content, optimise it for search engines, and measure its return on investment.
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We can help you sell online.
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Invoicing & Cashflow Control

Manage your cashflow in real time by simplifying tasks such as invoicing, bank reconciliation, statements...
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Document management

Better knowledge sharing in the workplace: Store and access any document: commercial, HR, policies and procedures...
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We help business owners and HR managers deal with the many staff management obligations...
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We allow you to manage time, create timesheets and send off professional looking invoices within a few clicks wherever you are.
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Community Management

Improved communication, easier renewals.
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Ticketing & Event management

We give you the ability to manage your event logistics from one place saving you time and money.
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Conference Management

Ease the pain of conference management from registration to book-keeping
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Wandsoft lets you manage your files, contacts, time sheets, invoicing and credit control, while integrating your online presence: web enquiries, e-Commerce, newsletters and support, all from a simple web browser. Wandsoft will bring you key indicators and work performance to make your business more profitable.