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Timesheet Management

Consultant, tax advisor, solicitor? Time is a valuable thing. We allow you to manage time, create timesheets and send off professional looking invoices within a few clicks wherever you are.

Record Time

Record Time

Each staff can record the time spent on client activity to evaluate what has been done and the cost of it.



Record the time each task takes and organise it by the client, type of work or the project it relates to.

analysis and reporting

Analysis and Reporting

Review and export reports for each type of task you have completed. Analyse margins, duration and the price for the services.

Expense Management

Expense Management

Keep track of employee expenses when it comes to traveling to meet a client or using the company petty cash. See what they spent and what they spent it on. A simple way to reimburse employees on time.



Create personalised invoices, ease bank reconciliation and improve credit control. The invoice total is calculated from the price allocated to each task. It is also multi-currencies and you can part or fully bill, bill on a project by project basis per client.


Powerful CRM

In addition to the timesheet system, you can also quickly access any client files and activity using our simple and powerful Customer Relationship Management.

Benefits For You

Quick procedure

Create a timesheet with a few clicks, reduce admin costs and comply with GDPR requirements.

Get paid faster

Generate comprehensive invoices with optional time breakdown to get paid faster.

Accessible anywhere

Whether you're in the office, on client's premises or on the go, you log and bill your time.

Benefits For Your Customers


Less stress and less guess to understand the work you supplied.


Clear information regarding the cost of the service.


Ultimately, your clients will have more confidence in the services you provide.

Timesheet Management