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About Wandsoft

Established in 2001 in Ireland, Wandsoft has built a portf olio of clients and we are distributing our solution in Europe. Wandsoft also delivers a range of strategic e-business and marketing co nsulting services to clients in Ireland and continental Europe.

Client Management adds value to the sales, marketing and customer support functions of an organisation. The aim is to increase the number of customers and improve their satisfaction levels, creating a sustainable competitive advantage for the organisation.

In 2017, Wandsoft launched GDPR Wisdom, an affordable solution to ease GDPR compliance and Bizoneo, a service around data-protection and GDPR.

Wandsoft goals are:

  • to improve the efficiency of Small and Medium Businesses through a cost effective and simple to use integrated software solution;
  • to provide solutions that process data lawfully and in compliance with the EU data-protection regulations;
  • to show an immediate return on investment;
  • to reduce the boundaries that prevent Start-ups, SMEs and non for profit organisations from using efficient IT solutions;
  • to excel as a data-processor supporting of our application.

Our solution is unique in that it integrates standard business with the web, ecommerce, so you can manage most elements of the Customer Journey within your organisation. 

With a good Client Management System such as Wandsoft, your company will fully exploit the potential of IT and will be more efficient. It will give you key indicators that will allow you to focus on innovation rather than the technology behind it. 

You will not need to purchase expensive servers and new computers. Our solution works on Macs, PCs, Mobile Phones (Android and iPhone) and Tablets (Android and iPad).

Wandsoft is a member of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.


  • In 2008, we launched the Wandsoft foundation for e-Business that aims at investing in innovative e-business projects.
  • In 2011, to celebrate 10 years in business, Wandsoft put together an exhibition - in France - on the history of computers: www.retrordinateurs.com.