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Manage your sole-trader business

Start-up? Sole-trader? You usually have no IT resources, limited budget, and limited business knowledge and wish you had a Personal Assistant.


Contact Management

Everything starts off with the user’s contact details. At the beginning, only the basic information is needed, e.g. name, number, etc. As the relationship builds, so will their information. 



As you begin talking to the prospect and build a relationship, you can understand their needs and how you can help. Projections can be used to help understand the direction a prospect should take and how the company will benefit with taking on a particular prospect.



Create personalised invoices, ease bank reconciliation and improve credit control. Reduce your accountancy fees by providing all the data in the right format for your accountant.


Timesheet & Expenses

Add €5 per month to manage your time and €5 to manage your expenses


Reduce Overheads

Reduce the overall cost of day-to-day work by working off of just one system and also reduce the time it takes to get tasks done.

Expand Business

Expand your business

Once you feel you're ready for the next big step, we can provide you with more modules to help you grow your business.

Benefits For You

Cloud storage

No physical server or installation are needed: A computer, tablet of phone with an Internet connection is all you need!

Your office with you... anywhere

No need for an office: you can access all files remotely.

Ease of use

You can easily broadcast a professional image, set reminders and send payment reminders.

Benefits For Your Customer


Even tough you're just start out, customers will be impressed by how smoothly everything is being run.

Simplification of processes

Understanding customer needs will allow you to personalise your offerings: simplification and relevant offers.