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Emptying cache on your Windows PC


Sometimes, browser history and cache prevent your browser from signing on your Wandsoft Control Panel or a website. Clearing cache and history can solve the issue.

An easy way to find out if the issue is PC related, is to try on another PC and see if the issue is also occurring.

The document below is intended to help Wandsoft customers or Wandsoft customers’ customers. It explains how to clear cache for a number of browsers.

Note: There might be other reasons than cache issue, so please check with the website owner that your account is active and that membership is up to date.

Warning: This procedure will empty the history for all websites visited. Please ensure you have all saved passwords and links bookmarked. Our core business is to provide the infrastructure behind the websites. We are not a PC support company, so this document is provided as is, we hope it will help sorting your problem.

Download instructions

Emptying cache on your Windows PC (479.5 KB)Emptying cache on your Windows PC (479.5 KB)