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Partner with Wandsoft

Wandsoft is an ideal platform to add to your existing product line as you can offer your clients a solution that will enhance their business operations around your own product offerings. You can follow our standard plans, or go for a tailored package.

Expand product range

Expand your product range

Why reinvent the wheel? We can tailor a dedicated offer from our 50+ modules based on your needs.



Our platform branded with your company name. It allows you to develop your own services on our platform. We host it on your behalf.

Additional Income

Additional income

We offer generous discounts on the public price. On fully white labelled, you can resell at the price you wish.

Benefits for you

Limited investment

We have several flexible partner plans. All we ask from our partners is to use our package to operate.

Focus on your business

With over 40 integrated applications such as CRM, timesheet, sales, purchase etc, we can integrate your business data to incorporate into our platform.

Support team

We're able to provide support for your clients if required.

Benefits for your customers

Additional functionality at a fraction of the cost

The current limitations of your business can easily be extended in a tailored way with minimum development work. 

Single point of contact

As you already offer your services, you can also support your client database.