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New White Label Feature

White Label

We are introducing a new white labelling feature to our system that will be very beneficial to our partners. From the moment that the login in page is opened, the brand name of the user will appear. This will allow for rebranding for our partners and/or their clients that wish to have a more personal touch to the system that can be used to run their business.

White label

Once the user has logged in successfully they will notice their brand name at the top left-hand side of the screen, just above the functionality list.

Finally, the white labelling feature will show effect again as the brand name of the user will appear at the bottom right-hand side of the screen; below the dashboard that the user will see once they log in and across all the other screens relating to the module that they are working on.

This white label feature is a great way for our partners to reinforce their own brand name on our system or their clients' name. Virtual PAs or tech companies outsourcing their software to clients will recognise the importance of differentiating each user. This way their clients feel valued by the people they work with.