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New Wandsoft HR module

We are pleased to announce a great new feature in Wandsoft: the HR (Human Resources) module.


As per many businesses using an integrated software to run their business, Wandsoft users sign-in at the start of their business days. Rather than relying on additional software or spreadsheets to handle simple - yet key functionality - we have added a new module that will ease the life of the HR manager (or the Managing Director in smaller SMEs).

The 5 key elements of the Wandsoft HR module are as follows:


Most businesses need to ensure their staff are trained and re-trained based on industry requirements. With new requirements such as the EU Privacy legislation, businesses will need to demonstrate that staff training was provided. Reminders of training due is also included.

Work Attendance

Staff should not work more than the maximum legal limits and lunch breaks must be adhered to. As a business owner, you are responsible of the well-being of your staff.

With a Start and an End button available on the Wandsoft dashboard, staff can easily clock in and out even without expensive swipe card systems.

Holidays & Absenteeism

Many SMEs are using a spreadsheet. In a multiple users' environment, this quickly becomes a nightmare: access rights, authorisation, privacy etc.

We overcome the issue as each user can view their own records only, and only the manager can view all.


There are apps that ease the process of expense entries. There are usually fine at individual level. With several staff, you need to reconcile and approve.

Our expense module can compute the correct mileage rate on any financial year based on the company (or Revenue) set rate. In addition, our module can import data from individual apps so they can be consolidated and approved. The data is automatically consolidated with the company purchases, so your cost analysis is updated in real-time

Staff documents

You can store copies and scans of employment contracts or correspondance with staff and easily retrieve it.

Overall benefits of Wandsoft HR 

Using an additional piece of software for the management of HR would mean: creation / removal of users as they come and go in that package, additional end-user training, another supplier, additional costs.

With Wandsoft, the HR module has the consistent user interface of the rest of our business management software, so training will be eased. When it comes to expenses, the data is automatically consolidated in real-time. Finally, there are no additional on-going costs (just once-off set-up and training).

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