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New version with RealVault and Document Management

We are please to announce version 12 of the Wandsoft Business Suite. This is a major update that will simplify a lot of your day to day tasks,

Here is a quick overview of the major additions:

  • Credit card processing: Realex advanced support
    • Native support of RealVault for recurring payments
    • Native support of 3D Secure
    • Audit trail of all transactions for each contact
    • Automatic removal of expired cards
  • Bank reconciliation
    • Ease of bank reconciliation for sales and purchases (cheque payments, credit card payments, bank transfer etc.)
    • Supply of native files for your accountant
  • Forecast module
    • Improve your business visibility tracking your sales forecast
  • Document Management System
    • Replace your Windows File Server for a cloud version
    • Access your files easily from a PC, a Mac or a tablet (iPad, Android, Windows tablets)
    • Store all files encrypted
    • Preview of files prior to download
    • Download and email a selection of files
    • Move files and folders
    • Security groups
    • Audit trail of all document downloads
    • Include a "My Documents"
    • Built-in "Wandsoft Documents" so you can create your own Microsoft Office compliant files from a tablet, a PC or a Mac without a word processor installed.
  • Donation module for charities
    • To store all transactions and payments made to your charities
  • Web Analytics
    • Retrieve your Google Analytics data and cross reference with your sales history, number of contacts, number of enquiries etc.