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New Software Package for Sole Traders

Lite Package

We have a new package for sole traders. The "Lite" package consists of modules that benefit sole traders getting their business off the ground.

The modules include: 

  • Contacts/CRM
  • Opportunities
  • Activities
  • Invoices
  • VAT returns


Sole traders need to have a database of contacts for their business to be successful. From the first day they should be saving the clients information. The benefits that sole traders will find with our system is that they can integrate the information with the rest of the system, so that they will see real value from all the informatiuon they're gathering.


Making a name for yourself and following up on potential leads is an essential part of growing a business, regardless of the size of your company. Sole traders will notice the value of the opportunities module as it helps them keep track of their journey in coverting a lead into a client.


Sometimes there isn't enough hours in the day and things start to get hectic. It may seem even worse when you're in your early stages of being a sole trader and doing everything youself can seem daunting. The activities module can keep your day organised for you as well as keeping it archived for future purposes.


After you've sold your product/service to a client, you'll have to draw up an invoice. Sole traders tend to spend far too much time doing their accounts and finances because they're trying to wrap their head around the task they wish they could avoid. Our system allows you to create and send professional and personalised invoices so that you can focus on task that will bring in more business. You can also keep records of the purchases you have made.

VAT returns

Keeping records of accounts is important so that you can send them off when you need to.  Sole traders will appreciate that they can send the history of the VAT they have charge and reclaim the VAT they've paod on purchases.

Lite Package

The Lite package is the beginning of the journey for a sole trader. As their business grows, they should grow with it.

The Lite package is priced at €35 per month (excluding VAT) and clients have the option to add our Timesheet and/or Expenses modules (€5 each).

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