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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Monitoring Software

The new EU regulation regarding your business handling data about individuals is becoming effective from May 2018. Wandsoft provides a solution to map your data, and monitor the progress of your compliancy journey. This can be standalone (cloud or on-premises) or integrated in Wandsoft CRM.



The initial stage of GDPR compliancy starts by doing an inventory of personal data in your business. You can also store an IT asset inventory to monitor encryption and disposal of computer assets.



For each item of your data inventory, we enable you to describe the entry, storage, deletion etc. from both computer and non computer handling. You can then assess compliance to each of the privacy principles.



Measure the business impact of illegitimate access, unwanted change or disappearance of data, consequences and measures taken.



Each inventory item can be categorised such as personal identification, medical records, financial information... You can easily add categories. The database includes a full document management system to allow you to seamlessly retrieve all procedures, policies and information.



As the information is gathered, you can monitor the progress at various levels. All of the data can be exported to standard office documents or PDF.


Staff training

You can store relevant procedures in our HR portal and track staff training to ensure your business becomes - Private by Design.

Benefits For You

Centralised location

Information is kept in one place so it's easier to gather when needed.

Benefits For Your Customers


Confidence that you are up-to-date with the latest regulations.

White label

Consultant in data-privacy? Firm of solicitors or accountants providing GDPR consultancy? Our GDPR monitoring database can be labelled to your company name.