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Solution for Investment/Wealth Management Companies

We can provide you with a platform so that you can provide the best services with your investment/wealth management offerings. Through an advanced client database, you can build portfolios for each individual client so that the advice they receive is tailor made.

Client Opportunities

Client Opportunities

As you begin talking to the prospect and build a relationship, you can understand their needs and how you can help. Projections can be used to help understand the direction a prospect should take and how the company will benefit with taking on a particular prospect.

Legal Compliance and Anti-Money Laundry

Legal Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering

Proof of identity process (KYC), legal requirement. Assess financial knowledge of your client. Log documents exchanged with clients (including phone recordings)

Client Database

Detailed Client Database

Qualify the client. Make recommendations. Manage contract workflow.



Activities are archived to recall different methods that may have already been tried and tested and if it benefited the client in any way.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Clients can keep their cash and securities in their asset management accounts. Funds can be transferred, and investors will be able to see how their funds are being managed.

Client Portal

Client Portal

Allow for clients to view files, services and information that relates to them all in a secure location online.

Benefits For You

Strategic Planning

Collaborate with your colleagues through one system to find the best possible solutions.

Access data anywhere

Instant access to customer data from any location. Either desktop or mobile device.

Improve client information

Create better portfolios for clients as you can store your enter history with them in one location.

Benefits For Your Customers


Their cash and securities will be kept in an asset management account.

Personalised information

Clear, tailor made information gathered specifically for them.

Improved communication

Client can view files and documents available to them in a secure location.

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