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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It is easier to run a business when you centralise, store, share and retrieve information on your leads, customers or members in a cost effective way between all teams. It then becomes so easy to look at the history, and to remind you of forthcoming activities. It allows one-to-one or bulk customer interaction through emailings or text messaging. From a legal point of view, Wandsoft help storing and using data in compliance with the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR),

Customer Experience

Improved Customer Experience

By centralising your client data, you'll be able to answer their concern faster. This will improve their experience of your service to them.


Focused Marketing Efforts

Tag your contacts, personalise your message, optimise your resources, time and effort and go the extra mile. All parties involved will benefit from it.

Analysis and Reporting

Analytics and

Review and export reports for each type of task, outstanding or complete. Analyse data and improve your services. 

Collaborative Environment


Relevant staff members across your entire organisation can see and contribute to the history of each client to better serve them.

Lead Management

Lead Management

Store potential clients' projects, quotations and follow-up. Improve your cashflow by tracking your sales forecast.



Wandsoft can solve more issues as it can be extended with over 40 integrated apps such as Timesheet Management, Invoicing, Book-keeping, e-Commerce, Membership, HR.

Benefits For You

Reduce costs

Pay a small monthly fee that can vary whether you are upsizing or downsizing. No need to buy licences and pay someone to install upgrades: it is included.

Access data anywhere

Instant access to customer data from any location. Either desktop or mobile device.

Maintain customer profiles

Standard CRM data customer adresses, phone details, history with the addition of maps, sales data, subscriptions, timesheets without the need to import data from 3rd party systems.

Benefits For Your Customers

Better customer service

Customer loyalty will come from Improved responsiveness and understanding of the customer.

Improved response time

You and your staff will be better prepared to talk to your clients since the information is centralised. An optional customer self-service portal may also allow access to personalised data.

Simplification of processes

Understanding customer needs will allow you to personalise your offerings: simplification and relevant offers.