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Solutions for Conference Management

Trying to promote a conference can be challenging. It takes months of preparation and you need to keep the attendees up-to-date with the correct information. Having a dedicated conference page can make the process much simpler. One location to get the necessary information and to register.


Integrated Website

Though the website will be used for a limited time, you can still integrated it with the rest of your back office information.


Online Form

Attendees can register for the event and have their contact information saved automatically to your CRM.

real time

Real-Time Updates

All registration will be linked to your back office. Make changes instantly so that they appear on the website and attendees have the correct information.

Online booking

Online Bookings

Allow for easy payments to be made by attendees and have several payment gateways integrated with your system.


Bulk Emails

Send bulk emails to your attendees so that they have the information that they need.

Additional Services

Additional Service

We can help with the designing and printing of your brochures and posters for your conferences.

Benefits For You

Dedicated site

A site that completely focuses on the conference.


Have all the information gathered appear in your back office.


The conference process from beginning to end will run a lot smoother.

Benefits For Attendees

Clear information

They know exactly where the find up-to-date informaton about the conference.

Quick event registration

Website registration will speed up the event registration process.

Better experience

Attendees will recognise the ease of use and also the quality of conference.