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Community Management

Managing a community? We help you understand each member's needs, communicate better with them and even provide self-service portals. Our cloud based software will allow you to focus on the services you provide for them.

Boost Membership

Boost Membership

Attract new members through better communication. Be more responsive to better serve them. Keep accurate records of the community to strengthen trust.

Expiry and Renewals

Membership Renewals

Automatic alerts for when a membership is about to expire. Collect membership fees and notify the members of the renewal.

Event Management

Event Management

Create events for your community, including your AGM. Track the attendees and the cancellations in real time. Send personalised confirmation emails/SMS texts to once people have registered.

Contact Management

Contact Management

Everything starts off with the user’s contact details. At the beginning, only the basic information is needed, e.g. name, number, etc. As the relationship builds, so will their information.


Marketing Campaigns

Segment your contact list and target them with the appropriate information they need to know with newsletters, bulk emails and SMS texts, in compliance with the General Data Priavcy Regulation (GDPR).


Collaborative Environment

A members area where the community can be communicated, share ideas/documents and stay up-to-date with the community. Keep a log of your actions.

Benefits For You

Up-to-date members' lists

As people join or renew memberships lists are created and statistics are available in real-time.

Access data anywhere

Instant access to members' data from any location, either desktop or mobile device.

Improve renewal rate and membership fee collection

The use of campaigns will allow your organisation to send renewal notifications, monitor late payments and improve cash collection.

Benefits For Your Community

Quick registration

Membership registration with online payment will speed up the joining and renewal process.

Improved response time

Clear information and two click registration details will ease the process.

Improved communication

Personalised newsletters about the organisation will give a real meaning to members of the community.