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Case Study: VIBHS Financial Ltd


VIBHS Financial Ltd is a leading financial intermediary providing online trading solutions with significant presence in Europe, Middle East and North Africa regionand South East Asia regions.

The VIBHS Group are collectively a leading brokerage, providing rolling spot Forex, CFD trading and related services to retail and institutional customers globally. 

Their customers have access to multi-product trading systems supported.


VIBHS needed a CRM with the ability to handle VIBHS' subsidiaries to help with the Anti-Money Laundering process.

It needed to handle multi-languages to target clients outside the English speaking market.

Various payment gateways in various currencies needed to be supported.

It needed to handle IBs (Intermediary Brokers): in effect they are businesses that refer clients to them and get a commission on all transactions.


Wandsoft implemented its CRM platform with its built-in anti-money laundering forms (AML).

We integrated additional payment gateways so that they could handle international markets.

The site consists of:
- a public site to handle the initial AML
- a client area where funds can be deposited and AML documentation can be securely transfered.


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