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Savvy Women

Case Study: Savvy Women Online


Savvy Women Online is a place where women receive support, motivation and solid, practical advice to dream bigger and achieve more.

If they want to go back to the workplace after years taking care of their family, if they want to break out of a rut and move to the next level in their career, they can take a five-day live course to prepare them for their future.

They can meet like-minded women and guest speakers who will share their expertise.


They grew tired of how they were running their business. It involved them logging on to or checking a website editing platform; an online email marketing service; sundry spreadsheets on their computer, keeping track of: contacts; invoices issued (which were PDF versions of Word documents) and invoices outstanding; payments received.

This was all before they had an online shop that needed to process payments for their books. 


Wandsoft's modular system allows them to send relevant content at relevant times to their specific databases, via a custom-designed, professional-looking HTML newsletter. They get detailed email analytics reports on open and click-through rates.

They automatically issue sales invoices directly from within the system.

Books are sold from their online shop using the Stripe payment gateway. This later creates a professional branded dispatch note for all parties involved, with the number of book copies ordered.

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Savvy Women