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Gillen Markets

Case Study: GillenMarkets


GillenMarkets provides Investment Training, Investment Newsletters and Wealth Management Services.

It was started by Rory Gillen as a part-time financial training company in 2005 aimed at helping DIY investors to understand how to safely invest on the stock market.

The model evolved in 2009 to a subscription based online portal. The portal provides DIY investors all research material to help their investments.

In 2014, GillenMarkets expanded to wealth management and now employ over 10 staff.


They needed a software solution that would bring them ease of use and efficiency.

The limited workers (two) at the beginning meant that they needed a solution that managed the booking of workshops and training courses. As they grew they introduced membership and needed a platform to manage the renewal process.

They needed an e-commerce platform for selling their books (printed & ebooks).

As the company expanded into wealth management, they needed to integrate the client’s portfolio history.


Wandsoft's modular system allows GillenMarkets to promote and manage the high number of bookings to their workshops & training courses.

Clients can purchase investment books through the e-commerce platform, which provides all order processing facilities.

They have a members’ area for their subscribers for exclusive content. Membership renewals are easily managed by the operation team through our Realex partnership.

The sales team can manage their pipelines while investment advisors have access to all relevant data.

We provide solutions for wealth management companies

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