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Case Study: European Textile Services Association (ETSA)


Established in 1994, ETSA represent the industry-leading textile service companies, suppliers of garments, detergents and machinery and national associations across Europe.

ETSA's mission is to promote the textile services industry and lobby on behalf of its member companies, in cooperation with national textile services associations from across Europe.


ETSA approached Wandsoft to solve a communication issue. They felt they weren’t getting their message across.

With the main issue coming from their website, they tried two suppliers beforehand with whom things did not work out with.

Their document management that was used to share information and organise meetings was ageing and not proactively maintained.

They needed a solution that was effective as their team is small.


Wandsoft initially built a new public website, a new members' website and mailing (newsletters).

By implementing Wandsoft, ETSA now get real-time analytics on the use of the resources, a key element to ensure they provide relevant services to their members.

Over the years, Wandsoft also helped ETSA organising their conferences, from website, to designing innovating programmes.

We provide solutions for document management

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