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At the end of July 2017, we are releasing Wandsoft XIII (thirteen in latin numbers). Still fully developed in Ireland, the 1st Beta was released on April 26th, and the team is working hard to find issues prior to general release.

For Wandsoft XIII, we have been re-thinking some of our features.

User interface

The current user interface is 10 years old. Given the small number of requests from clients, we believe it is efficient, but the icons and the general feel needed to be modernised. We'll be bringing a new look and feel while ensuring the transition for existing clients is as smooth as possible. New icons, new accessibility features, and more personalisation is on the way.

While Wandsoft currently works on tablets and smartphones, we are improving the interface to ensure that it will work seamlessly on mobile phones, tablets and desktops (PCs, Macs, Linux). So, for instance, you will be able to update your website from your mobile phone more easily.

While the user interface is the main change, I'd like to keep you posted of some other features:

Improved dashboard

We're bringing a number of additional graph widgets so you can visualise more key indicators either when you log in, or within some of the modules.

Improved calendar

We are reviewing the built-in activity management, event management, meeting management to enhance and integrate the various calendars, and make them available to your Outlook or mobile phone calendars.

Improved Timesheets

Timesheets are working either on a standalone basis, or integrated with our Help-desk module. We're adding timesheet integration to the Activity module.

Improved Outlook integration

We are finalising our Outlook to CRM plug-in to easily store emails in the CRM in a click.

Enterprise functionality

Sometimes, broadband can go down for longer periods that your business can afford. Some other times, there can be a problem with the Cloud, and any supplier telling you otherwise is lying. We will be introducing an Enterprise offer, with the ability to be tailored, so when CRM is critical to your business and the connectivity to the cloud is interrupted, a local replica of Wandsoft CRM with your up to date data will be available to your staff so they can perform key tasks until all is back as normal.


We have a Human Resources module to help the management of training, attendance etc. It is very popular, and based on feedback and request from clients, we are introducing 3 new modules that will provide further functionality to ease the life of HR managers, or for SME companies, the MD who acts as the HR manager.

On-site editing

A very exciting piece of functionality: on-site editing. Imagine updating your website the way you update a Microsoft document.

Additional GDPR compliance

For people who dealt with us, you know we have always been taking data privacy seriously, even before legislation was put in place. GDPR starts with a review of your situation. Our GDPR audit module will help your business on the compliance journey.

Having already a number of built-in logs and reports to help the auditing, we are also bringing additional functionality to handle data retention, customisable to the requirements of your industry.

Accounts dashboard

We are finalising a real-time dashboard so you can monitor your company finances in one click, in real-time.

Improved campaign manager

It is already possible to combine parameters to create campaigns that can be used for marketing purposes (bulk-emails, text messages etc). We aim to rewrite the campaign manager to add functionality for data-mining.

Smooth transition

The data-structure remains the same, and we designed the upgrade process so we can switch users within a same company at different times if required, easing the transition while training is taking place.



I am very pleased to see that even after over 15 years, we are still innovating every day. With over 40 modules to solve hundreds of your company's day to day concerns, we look forward to solving more of your company's problems . Wandsoft is designed for SMEs.

Claude Saulnier, MD