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Invoicing & Cashflow Management Tour

Cashflow management is a key element when running a business. It is therefore important to invoice your customers promptly, do your bank reconciliation on a daily basis. For those late payers, statements will remind customers of their outstanding balance.

Your accountant or business advisor will be delighted with the ability to log in to your system to retrieve reconciled bank statements, sales and purchase invoices and VAT reports. Accounts history is kept in a central place and shared with relevant staff.

In addition, the Wandsoft Sytem will save you time as you can integrate more functions such as Customer Relationship Management, e-Commerce, Membership, Extranet.

Benefits to you
  • Reduce costs
    Renegociate your accountant's fees as they will have a more flexible way of working on your financial reporting.
  • Integrated information
    All your invoicing and payment information is available within your contacts' profile.
  • Reduce administration time
    The ability of generating invoices from existing contacts with email delivery in a few clicks will allow your staff to spend more time on value added actions.
Benefits to your customers
  • Better run business
    Your organisation's success will be increased since its cashflow situation will be more confortable. Customers will be able to rely on a long lasting partner.
  • Improved response time
    Having one central place to consult information, including sales, support, tasks, your accounts staff will be well prepared to talk to your customers.
  • Simplification of processes
    Understanding customer needs will allow you personalise your offerings: simplification and relevant offers.