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Event Management Tour

Efficient event management starts with a topic, require attendees and a system to ease the logistics. 

Wandsoft allow you to advertise your events through our Website Content Management System, gather an audience from your contact database and communicate by newsletters. Our system also allow attendees to register on-line, populating your attendance list in real-time. In addition, our sytem will save you time as you can integrate more functions such as Invoicing, e-Commerce, Membership, Extranet.

It makes it easier when the information can be accessed anywhere and cost effective.

Benefits to you
  • Attendance lists
    As people book events, attendance lists are created in real-time.
  • Access data anywhere
    Instant access to customer data from any location. All you need is a PC, Mac, Ipad (or other tablet), and a Wifi or 3G connection. This will allow to keep an eye on your business, even if away from your desk. For peace of mind, the control panel is password protected with connections encrypted.
  • Increase Attendance
    The real-time confirmation emails and reminders will increase the attendance to the events your organisation will run.
Benefits to your customers
  • Quick event registration
    Website registration will speed up the event registration process.
  • Improved response time
    Clear information provided and a two click registration process will ease the registration process.
  • Reminders
    Attendees will be grateful to receive a notification should they forget to enter the date in their diary.

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