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With a simple Management Information System, your Organisation (Startup, SME, NGO, Society, Chamber of Commerce...) will fully exploit the potential of IT and will be more efficient. It will give you key indicators to make your business more profitable.

It will allow your organisation to focus on advantages provided by today’s innovation rather than the technology behind it.

Wandsoft is an integrated system aimed at simplifying business tasks,  so you can spend your time managing your organisation looking efficiently after your client rather than wasting your time duplicating info on PC and mobile phone, sales and accounting, website and marketing (at best)… or shifting data between one system to another (at worst).

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  • It is easier to run a business when you can centralise, store, share and retrieve information on your leads, customers or members.
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  • Your website will showcase your products and services. We ensure you can maintain content, optimise it for search engines, and measure its return on investment.
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  • e-Commerce and mobile commerce are there to stay. Take a look at how we can enable your business to sell on-line.
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Invoicing & Cashflow Control

  • Manage your cashflow in real time by simplifying tasks such as invoicing, statements...
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  • Our offer is of strong interest to NGOs, and also appealing to Membership Organ isations,
    Event Managem e nt etc.
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